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My name is Joie. My blog will consist of women, rants, positive quotes, my life experiances, and of course the questions I get asked!

Want Me Now?

I come up behind you and kiss your neck I allow my tongue to slip out and run up to your ear lobe. I take this opportunity to slowly, and gently, nibble your ear and swirl my tongue around it.Letting go for a brief moment, I turn you towards me, bend my neck down and bite down on the softest part of your neck. I grind my teeth ever so slightly to create a messaging feeling. Now i start kissing. Up your neck. On your jaw line, your check even. I hesitate at your lips, allowing enough room or you feel me, but i don’t go in for the kiss. Instead, I stick my hands under your shirt and grab onto your hips. I press my fingers gently into the dimples on your back and move you closer to me. Running my hands up your back, i make sure to unclip your bra in a smooth motion, yet waste no time; then, i tug on your shirt in an upwards motion, delicately asking permission to take of the layers of clothing. Now, i bring my face up to yours. You resisted my movements and now I must convince you.  I look into your eyes, push you mildly hard, and you fall onto the bed behind you. I pounce. One of my hands grabs both of your wrists and yanks your arms above your head. The other one slides under your shirt and grasps your right breast. I look at you now, and dive into a deep kiss. Slowly, i open my mouth, awaiting yours to open to. It does. I proceed i message your breast while running your nipple through two of my fingers, oh so softly. Then, I bite your lip. Soft at first and then a little harder each time. My kisses star5t becoming lust thirsty. I can feel myself getting hotter and hotter. Again, i tug on your shirt, yet this time you allow it. i let go of your wrists and  flip your shirt off and to the side, along with your bra, to expose your perfectly per portioned breasts. My kissing stop for only a second so i can redirect them down to your naked body. I run my tongue over your neck, down your collar bone, then to each breast. I take your nipple in my mouth and do circles with my tongue. My hands have a mind of their own by now.  Rubbing you and touching where ever they can reach. I kiss down your body, across your abs, and I reach your jeans. I take the button in my mouth and use my tongue to undo it. I kiss there. I wrap my fingers on the inside of your jeans, getting ready to pull them off of you.

They slide down your newly shaven legs, accidentally getting stuck on your feet, forcing me to pull harder to release you. I stare for only a brief second at your mostly naked body. Your wearing black and white, Lacey boy short cut panties. I lean over and press my lips against your covered clit. I hear you take a quick, short breath, sort of a gasp. I kiss up onto the line of the lace. Using both hands, i swiftly flip you over onto your stomach, snatch you panties and yank them off of your perfectly round ass. Kissing you, i motion for you to put your ass in the air by placing my hand on your hips and slowly pulling you up. You get the hint and get into position. I kiss your cheeks and slowly down to your pussy. I slide my tongue around the out side, teasing you, making you want it. Firmly, I place my tongue on your clit and move from side to side, then in circles. I bring my right hand off your hip and towards your pussy…

gently i slide in my middle finger, making sure not too hurt you. I start a “Come Here” motion in a short and quick pace, still keeping my mouth firmly attached to your clit and my tongue massaging it in anyway possible. I can feel your body heating up with pleasure and your moans are quickening. returning my focus to my finger, i push my one finger in as far as it would go and start a side to side and circle motion on the inside of your pussy, slightly mimicking my tongue movements. Your pussy is getting wetting and i can’t control myself any longer, i remove my hand from your pussy and lick my way inside of you. I swirl my tongue around your opening and then take a plunge into your sweetness.  I place two fingers on your clit and go as fast as my arm and fingers will allow, and i know you love it. I want you to cum. My fingers can feel you pulsing, i know your close.

I quickly stop everything and flip you onto your back, i don’t want you to have to work at staying in the doggy style position while you cum. I resume, with my tongue inside of you and my hands on your clit, i run my other (now free) hand up to your breast and begin playing with them. I know your close, your moans are much louder now. Then, i feel it. Your warm deliciousness rushing towards my tongue. I stay there for a couple extra minutes, then i sit up and look into your green eyes.  I crawl up to you and lay beside you on my back, and you curl up on me, finally ready for bed.


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